MR. SALMAN AHMED KHAN - CEO & Managing Director

He started his career as a geologist and has worked in Saudi Arabia for over 10 years with the prestigious companies like Aramco, Saudi Tarmac, Pegel Arabia etc until he moved back to india and shifted a professional base to united kingdom aiming the UK market for advertising projects events and multimedia projects.

With a belief, life means “Directions Unlimited” he diversified himself in the field of print & electronic media through his company Makers Multimedia formed in 1989 and has emerged successfully as a production house to several advertising campaigns for the national & international clients till date.

Understanding the great potential of international celebrity shows of bollywood stars and super stars he got associated with international promoters for bollywood’s musicals on stage across the globe he has organized and marketed almost all the super stars & musical masters of the Asian film Industry since 1991 till and the list is endless.

His company,Makers Multimedia was established in the year 1989 with the prime objective of reinventing the Media and Showbiz be it in Television Software, Advertising Films, Music Videos, Corporate Films,walk thru’s, Animation and Graphics along with organizing and marketing of Bollywood Star Studded Shows across the globe,A feature film called THE UNFORGETTABLE a cross over with british actors was also produced and marketed by him. as a associate producer.

He was actively involved in production planning and research team with IAAA a software company which took part in spearheading the creation of World’s first and most important software such as development of “Effect Plus” through which the restoration and colorization of the first all time Indian classic “Mughal-e-Azam for cinemascope was done and released worldwide. A documentary on this prestigious epic was also produced by Makers Multimedia, Dreams are Dreams and chasing these dreams is a realistic example of Makers Multimedia’s involvement with the great epic we now called The colour version of Mughle Azam.

Makers Multimedia now as a team of great creative people is working along with him on a pre production of a broadway musical live on stage opening in Europe in 2014 with a very exciting animation film along with a feature film with a very known director with a belief Directions are unlimited.

ARSALAAN AHMED KHAN (Creative Director)

Arsalaan Ahmed Khan a well qualified professional who has done his masters in International Film Production from Uk has been actively involved in all the on going projects of Makers Multimedia.he has inherited a lot of experience at a very young age due to the exposure and day to day activities of the in house projects in the company,His genre is Editing and directing and has been involved in executing and designing many bollywood shows and and advertising campaigns, He leads the execution in terms of pre production ,production and post production for on going pojects in UK and in India.

Arsalan has the acumen to understand the grammar of film making, He has assisted the big daddies of film making like Ram Gopal Verma, Ahmad Khan ,Nagesh Kukunoor, Rajiv Khandelwal, Deepak Gattani.

Arsalan has the acumen to understand the grammar of film making he has assisted the big daddies of film making like Ram Gopal Verma, Ahmad.

MR UMAR SIDDIQUI - Director Media Services

Umar is a Media Director with Makers Multimedia, He is a senior professional and is the Managing Director of GlobalPact International Holdings specializes in business and technology management. He contributes a strong business strategy focus fused with solid best practices in management. He has managed large software design and development teams in few Fortune 500 companies.

Umar actively took part in spearheading the creation of World’s first and most important New Media consulting practices & software such as development of “Effect Plus” through which he restored and colored the first all-time Indian classic “Mughal-e-Azam for the cinemascope release. He was the Managing Director of Indian Academy of Arts & Animation (IAAA).

Umar received several national & international awards for his contribution to IT & Media industry. He is a founding member of Animation Producers Association of India-APAI (founded under FICCI) & a permanent member of AMPTPP.

He was featured into international magazines & newspapers like India Today, Business Today, India Abroad, The Telegraph, Filmfare, Times of India, etc and was interviewed by electronic media such as BBC, NDTV,CNN-IBN, Zoom, CNBC etc

In 2004, along with his other partners ventured into the real estate & construction industry, looking after the international projects & financial management of the group companies. He is also the brain behind planning & designing the first of its kind of Media City in New Mumbai, first phase of the media city will be launched in 2021 .

SHABANA KHAN (Director Business Development)

Shabana khan has been running successfully two premium companies Makers Multimedia which is a pure production house and Sabashe a fashion label with a base in Mumbai india, She is a fashion designer.

She has been married to Mr Salman ahmed khan the well known media personalit from media and the Bollywood industry.

Shabana’s conceptual and creative instincts has created waves and her conceptual effort ruled the hearts of the glamour and television industry for more than twenty five years with leading artists models and mainstream singers, While working on a bigger horizon she has designed costumes for a cross over indo UK feature film called The Unforgettable.

Her creative hunger did not stop here she has done multiple exhibitions of her label india,uk and the gcc countries she continuous to design for her private niche clientale in india and overseas mainly the bridals and she continues to do so apart from her active role in leading the current running projects of the company.

Anas Baqai (Director)
Sports Events & Sports Personnels

Anas Baqai is a cricketing enthusiast turned sports entrepreneur and has a long and stable standing in sports events and management of sports personalities, He is associated professionally with Makers Multimedia for over a decade.

He has been the advisor and a management professional for national and international cricket greats such as the legendary players Mohammad Azharuddin & Younus Khan and many many others from the cricket world globally.

In 2004, he launched PROPEL, A Sports management company and has been managing a Cricket Based celebrity portfolio along with the brand endorsements and appearances of various Cricket celebs in India and In the international market along with Makers Multimedia.

He has organized and handled various Credible events in India & overseas such as Aajtak cricket conclave 2018 & Lord’s Aajtak Cricket conclave 2019, with the legendary cricketing greats, These event have recently added a great credit to the profile of PROPEL and Anas Baqai’s association has strengthened strongly with Makers Multimedia more deeply and professionally, Anas’s personal bonding and relationship with the cricket world and it’s co related segments is a great benchmark towards his professional achievements till date.

Anas & Salman both have a long and professional association with each other and are now working on producing together a Biopic of a Legendary Cricket Star which will be announced soon, They are also producing few meaningful feature films for the Bollywood Market in United Kingdom during 2021/22, The guidelines and road map of the world’s movement and travel is awaited. Anas on and off writes and contributes regularly through his vast cricketing experience on Indian cricket and sports management in daily and weekly newspapers all across India.

Head Of International Projects

Once and entrepreneur always an entrepreneur’
Wali heads international projects related to Digital Marketing Animation Films, and deals in collabariting in joint ventures with overseas partners.

Wali recently founded a technology based parking solution company that focuses on customer convenience while solving a large portion of the mobility problem affecting cities and countries. He studied, lived and worked in Australia prior to returning back to India with a craving to contribute back to the country. Wali has been mentored by extraordinary industry professionals while he was operating as a Managing Partner for a Management Consulting firm for nearly 17 years.

Wali’s deep roots in the Indian Cinemas and his hunger to be creative and innovate in innumerable ways has given him the opportunity to be a member of the India Baltic Trade Council where he is responsible to promote the Indian Arts, Films and Music culture across Baltic, Nordic and African countries. He believes that the discipline to keep our mind and body in shape gives us the focus and determination to ensure our personal and professional lives are driven in the same manner.

Behind the scenes

Rajeev Khandewal (Creative Director)
Deepak Gattani( Director)
Nagesh Kuknoor ( Director)
Sohail Tatari (Director)
Iqbal Rizvi (Director)
Mohit Srivasatav (Director)
Shabana J Khan (Producer)
Arsala Qureshi (Producer/Director)
Sabrina Louis (Producer/Writer) Iqbal Durrani (Writer)
Sameer Arya (DOP)
Late Gagrin Mishra (DOP)
Baboo Mehra (Post Production)
Vijay Verma ( Music & Post Production)
Faheem Siddiqui (Creative Associate)
Arsalaan A Khan (Director/Editor)
Reba Ayaz (Broadcast & Creative Writer)
Ismail Darbar (Music Director)
Sohail Sen (Music Director)
Zia Alvi (Writer)
Sandeep Nath (Writer)
Imran Rasheed (Grafiks)
Saiyed Ali (Music Director)
Late Rajesh Johri (Writer)
Harish Kumar (Art Director)
Hanif Chatriwala (Executive Producer)
Purnima (Singer)
Saud Khan (Singer)
Deepali Somaiya (Singer)
Saira Khan (Singer)
Tony (Sound Recordist)
Jeetu Verma (Drection Team)
Rehan Khan (Singer)