Makers Multimedia - At A Glance

Makers Multimedia is a production house where creativity surrenders and becomes unbonded. Our production house defines creativity as an uncommon way of looking at common things backed by novelty. It is a marriage between creatives and production. From conceptualization to execution all under one roof, our compact team ensures seamless co-ordination. Our strategic alliances and joint ventures ensure optimum output. Our extensive research and experience with screen writers and copywriters drives key benefits across big and small screens.

Makers Multimedia was established in the year 1989 by Mr Salman Ahmed Khan. Salman Ahmed Khan has an optimistic vision in terms of various prime segments of media & showbiz and his aspirations are unlimited.

Makers Multimedia is actively involved in marketing Bollywood events in UK with mainstream Asian companies primarily from the consumer products sector. Makers Multimedia was actively involved in the launch of Mr Amitabh Bachchan’s business venture TV Asia (the first Asian TV channel on satellite in UK and Europe). This prestigious Bollywood and media event is of archival value and showcased a galaxy of superstars such as Aamir Khan and Salman Khan and many more starlets and playback singers. This was followed by ‘The Biggest Stage Show of the Decade’ - Live 93 for Cine Artists Association with an unparalleled team of superstars who performed for a great cause at Chelsea football stadium in UK and Giants Stadium in USA.

Another jewel in the Makers Multimedia crown is the production and execution of a Bollywood evening for Princess Fay of Rach Foundation showcasing many Bollywood stars along with a fashion show by ace fashion designer Manish Malhotra at the Versailles Palace in France. This was followed by another similar evening at Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

Makers Multimedia has also been privileged to promote and market musical maestro and Oscar Award winner: A. R. Rehman in UK and other International locations.

Makers Multimedia was also actively involved with a software company ‘IAAA’(Indian Academy Of Arts & Animation) run by Mr Umar Siddiqui that took part in spearheading the development of the World’s first and extremely important software, “Effect Plus” through which restoration and colourization of the first, all-time epic Indian classic, “Mughal-E-Azam” was completed and released worldwide in colour.

Makers Multimedia has also co-produced a feature film in English titled ‘The Unforgettable’. This cross over feature film in association with Vandal Movies featured British Asian actors and was released worldwide.

Makers Multimedia has now formed a joint venture for the Digital Marketing and production of animation films with iRealities, India’s ace company in the production of animation films having a prestigious portfolio of leading Indian and international brands. A popular mainstream animation film is also in the pre-production stage and will be announced in the near future.

Makers Multimedia is also in the pre-production stage of a Broadway Musical show ‘I love Indiaaaah.

Makers Multimedia is also promoting a very interesting play for the theatre audience named ‘Pranam Bapu’ with Arif Zakaria portraying Mahatma Gandhi and Zeenat Aman portraying Kasturba Gandhi.

Our belief is: ‘Directions are unlimited’

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